We believe everyone should know their rights, all neighborhoods should have the same resources, the police should be de-escalation masters, schools should teach de-escalation, the youth have a voice, and together we can #CHANGECHI

Meet the Team!

Leah Ollie
Leah Ollie is a student and storyteller from the River North neighborhood of Chicago, currently studying Literary Culture, Theory and Criticism at Butler University in Indianapolis. She joined YVPA in February of 2020 to engage with her peers on a new level, and expand her skills in communications and marketing. Leah wants to change Chicago by enriching the quality of education youth receive, and equipping them to go forth and do the work in their own communities.
Marquis Sewell
Marquis Sewell, hailing from the South Chicago neighborhood of Englewood, is a 23 year old actor, photographer, and videographer. Marquis has much social justice experience ranging from NYAM (National Youth Art Movement) to March For Our Lives. Marquis believes that we all have a voice, and we can use our voices to create change.
Brianna Turner
Brianna Turner is from the Austin community, and is currently studying as a freshman at Drake University. Brianna started working with True Star Media during her senior year, and considers it the best decision of her life! Regarding her responsibilities as a part of YVPA, many of her contributions go towards production. Brianna helps write scripts, works behind the scenes, and provides her talents in front of the camera. Brianna wants to be able to educate everyone on practicing nonviolence within Chicago; She believes nonviolence is something we should all strive for in everyday life in order to decrease many violent altercations, gun violence, and police brutality within Chicago’s communities. Together we can #ChangeChi!
Marissa Dickerson
Marissa Dickerson attends Northern Illinois University. She contributes to YVPA by sharing her ideas of how to successfully help the program with educating her community on our rights and she has recently been reaching out to establishments to support the program by distributing #ChangeChi materials and flyers to their patrons.
Michael-Andre Smith
Michael-Andre Smith, True Star Consultant, born and raised on the southside of Chicago. Michael graduated from Columbia College in 2012 with a bachelor’s degree in Marketing/Advertising and Music Business Management. From his first job at Chicago’s historic Burrell Communication advertising agency, to working with global brands like Nike, McDonalds, Toyota, Cars.com and more.
Kayla Sims
Kayla Sims was born and raised in Chicago. She is a teacher, advocate and unprofessional foodie. She joined YVPA because she believes that the children are the future and if given enough resources they can save the world!

This project was supported by funds awarded by the Illinois Criminal Justice Information Authority. Points of view or opinions in this document are those of the author and do not necessarily represent the official position or policies of the Illinois Criminal Justice Information Authority.